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Which Glasses Styles Best Compliment Your Face Shape?

The Perfect Pair: Pairing the Right Glasses to Your Face Shape

Flatter your face shape without all the frustration. It’s easy with a few basic guidelines to match your face shape to the perfect glasses style for you.

First, find your face shape.

Everyone’s face is unique. But generally, the overall shape of your face will fall into one of these basic shape categories.

Second, focus your search on the frame shapes that best compliment your face shape.


Round faces are flattered by angular and oversized frames. Angular frames bring structure to a round shape while wider cheekbones provide the perfect backdrop for oversized frames. Round faces generally want to steer clear of round or small frames.


The Sha frames are a great option for those with a more rounded face shape.


Square faces feature angles that are ideal for offsetting rounded frames. Glasses frames with a round shape can provide balance for a square face shape, delivering the perfect overall effect. If you have a strong square face shape, frames that are small or rectangular can emphasize it and often make it look out of proportion.


The Louie frames are a perfect style for those with a square face shape.


If you have an oval face, the world is your oyster…or at least the world of glasses frames. Oval faces are flattered by virtually any frame. The only real frames you may want to avoid are oversized frames that can dwarf an oval face. Many people with oval faces tend to opt for angular frames that add some structure.

Both the Cliff and Nysa frames are a great style for those with an oval face shape.

A heart-shaped face, one that’s wider on the top and narrower on the bottom, is the ideal canvas for wide, oversized, and upturned frames. Play to your shape with frames that are lighter colored on top and darker at the bottom.

The Patricia frames are a perfect style option for anyone with a heart-shaped face.


Diamond faces are most often flattered by frames that visually widen the eyes and upper cheekbones. Think oval, cat eye, and browline frames. Curved lines, rather than angular lines, are best for balancing a diamond face.

The David frames are a great style for anyone who has a diamond face shape.