Visibly for
Online Healthcare Platforms.

Whether you’re providing telehealth, online pharmacy, or doctor directory services, start offering your audience a more convenient and affordable way to get their contacts & glasses prescriptions renewed. All with Visibly’s on-demand, virtual vision test.

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Why Choose Visibly

Expand your audience

Attract an even greater breadth of consumers by adding online vision care to your current list of healthcare service offerings.

Increase Order Value

Increase your average order value without cannibalizing current revenue by offering Visibly’s online vision test on your website.

Differentiate Yourself

Stand out from the many other online healthcare solutions in the market by offering online vision prescription renewal services.

How Visibly Works

With Visibly, your customers can get their vision checked in about 6 minutes from the convenience of their own home. No appointment required!

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Getting Started

To begin the online vision test, your customers will enter their prior prescription parameters, basic health history, and other vision-related details. Our doctors will use this information, along with their visual acuity results, for determining how well they’re currently seeing.

Taking the Vision Test

While wearing their current contacts or glasses, your customers will then take the online vision test using their computer as the vision chart and smartphone as a remote. Standing 10 feet away, they’ll proceed through a voice guided vision test which will measure the visual acuity of each eye.
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Receiving a Prescription

Our network of licensed eye doctors will review your customers’ health details & test results. For those still seeing well in their current correction, they will be provided a doctor-signed vision prescription they can use to purchase contacts or glasses from any online or in-store retailer.

Add Visibly to your site.

Adding Visibly to your website couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re a telehealth, pharmacy, or doctor directory site, we have a way to integrate Visibly’s online vision test seamlessly into your online experience.

Landing Page

We’ll provide you with a unique link to your own Visibly-hosted landing page. Use this link behind any button or call-to-action on your website. From there, your customers will be able to learn about and start the online vision test. This option allows you to begin offering online prescription renewal to your customers almost immediately, and requires virtually no development work on your end.

API Integration

Instead of a Visibly-hosted landing page, leverage Visibly’s API to integrate the online vision test into your existing user experience. Take advantage of process automation, single sign on, brand customization, and other powerful integration advantages with our API. Plus, we’ll support your technical team’s efforts through each step of the integration process. 

Contacts & Glasses

Want to offer your customers contacts and glasses in addition to a new prescription? We make it easy by providing you with an affiliate link to Visbly’s online contact lens and glasses store. For every eyewear purchase your customers make, you get paid an industry-leading affiliate commission. Visibly’s wide selection of popular contact lens brands and quality prescription glasses will reinforce the value of your own services. 

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One million users and growing

“I cannot believe how easy, fast, and simple this was! I got my [contacts] prescription in 10 MINUTES! Extremely grateful this was such a seamless process.”
“Thank you so much for this [vision test]! What a great tool and way to do an eye [test] with convenience.”
“I am leaving for my honeymoon soon – I did not think I could get new contacts in under a week, let alone 24 hours. I am thoroughly impressed and have already recommended anyone who will listen to me!”