Which Glasses Styles Best Compliment Your Face Shape?

The Perfect Pair: Pairing the Right Glasses to Your Face Shape Flatter your face shape without all the frustration. It’s easy with a few basic guidelines to match your face shape to the perfect glasses style for you. First, find your face shape. Everyone’s face is unique. But generally, the overall shape of your face […]

The Latest in Glasses Trends: The Most Popular Glasses Styles of This Season

The Most Popular Glasses Styles of This Season The eyes have it When it comes to expressing your personal style to the world around you, glasses are front and center. People focus on each other’s eyes in face-to-face communication (or at least they should), whether that communication is in real life or virtual. As you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Blue Light Glasses

Beat the blues (and blue light) Phones, computers, tablets, gaming, television screens, and even the sun…they’re all giving us the Blues. Well, at least blue light. Everyone from the very young to the very “experienced” is receiving increasing amounts of blue light from the digital devices that demand their attention for work, school, and play. […]

Take A Peek At Original Eyewear by Visibly

Introducing Original Eyewear by Visibly Are you feeling minimalism like Brady? Or something a little more eye-catching like Austin? Or maybe you’re more of a Hazel, Taylor, Natashya or Cliff? Whatever your personal style, you’re sure to find the frames to fit it with the new Original Eyewear by Visibly. Visibly’s newest glasses line, Original Eyewear, is comprised of 24 […]