Vision care is self-care: How to keep your eyes healthy in your adult years 

Vision Care is Self-Care As we age, things have a tendency to deteriorate naturally or through excessive use and injury. Perhaps you, or someone you know, has had to replace things like knees, hips, and even teeth. Although science has come a long way with these types of replacements, it hasn’t made its way to […]

How to Promote an Online Vision Test on Your Website

Much of your audience may not know about renewing vision prescriptions online, so effectively promoting the online vision test on your website is essential for growth. Did you know that it takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines if they like your site or not, thus if they […]

Is there a real doctor reviewing my Visibly vision test?

Visibly’s vision test allows you to renew your vision prescription and receive a vision prescription from a real doctor without leaving your home Visibly has strict standards for who can take their vision test and the final decision about who gets a prescription renewal is up to me – and me alone – as a […]

Dr. Dorman, OD shares 4 tips to care for your eyes for Healthy Vision Month

Learn how to care for your eyes from Dr. Karen Dorman, OD Caring for your eyes and overall vision is extremely important for your health. According to the CDC, over 11 million Americans over the age of 12 could have better vision if they used corrective eyewear? And approximately 12 million U.S. citizens over the […]

Reduce Your Eye Strain with These 5 Tips

Do you experience eye strain? You’re in the right place. As you read this article, you’re looking at a digital screen. Shortly after, you may check your email, complete some work-related tasks, see how many likes you got on your Instagram post, and then maybe you check the weather. All of this is done on […]