Over 5,000 people in Nigeria receive free vision tests

Visibly, RestoringVision and NewGlobe partner to provide over 5,000 people access to free vision tests in Nigeria Starting today, over 5,000 people, including children, in Nigeria will receive free vision tests through the partnership of telehealth technology company, Visibly, non-profit organization RestoringVision, and NewGlobe, a transformative learning expert supporting visionary governments to unlock potential through […]

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic Can Give Us 20/20 Vision for 2021

Did you complete a vision test during covid? ublished on RealClear Health. Read original article here. Nearly eight in ten Americans put off medical services during the Covid-19 pandemic—and vision exams were one of the first things to go. This is especially concerning given that increased screen time—practically necessitated by the pandemic—can wreak havoc on […]

Dr. Dorman, OD shares 4 tips to care for your eyes for Healthy Vision Month

Learn how to care for your eyes from Dr. Karen Dorman, OD Caring for your eyes and overall vision is extremely important for your health. According to the CDC, over 11 million Americans over the age of 12 could have better vision if they used corrective eyewear? And approximately 12 million U.S. citizens over the […]

Reduce Your Eye Strain with These 5 Tips

Do you experience eye strain? You’re in the right place. As you read this article, you’re looking at a digital screen. Shortly after, you may check your email, complete some work-related tasks, see how many likes you got on your Instagram post, and then maybe you check the weather. All of this is done on […]

To help the community, Visibly offers free vision tests during COVID-19

Visibly offers free vision tests to help community during Covid-19 pandemic Visibly, the world’s first virtual vision test technology company, today announced that it will globally provide optometrists, ophthalmologists, and optical service providers free vision tests to its anywhere, anytime virtual vision test technology to ensure that patients can meet their eye health needs during […]