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Leading companies use Visibly's anywhere-care platform to dispense vision prescriptions, evaluate visual acuity, verify prescriptions, and automate contact lens fulfillment to create better vision care experiences and grow their business.

Vision Tests

Leverage our vision test platform and network of licensed eye care providers to offer vision care services at home or onsite.

Video Visits

Connect your audience to a licensed eye care provider to discuss non emergency eye care concerns such as dry eyes, pink eye, allergies, and more.

Verification Services

Automate and improve compliance of the Contact Lens Rule with one simple to use API integration.

Fulfillment Automation

Utilize our pre-built integrations with the leading distributors, labs, and manufacturers to automate contact lens and eyewear fulfillment.

Vision Tests

Vision Prescriptions at-home or in-office

Vision prescriptions typically expire every 12 to 24 months. Leverage Visibly to enable an at-home prescription renewal experience directly on your website to prevent abandoned & invalid orders, or implement Visibly onsite to support off hours and dark locations.

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Vision Tests

Video Visits

Offer the convenience of at-home video consultations with an eye care provider. May be used for procedure follow up, contact lens compliance, and other non-emergency eye care needs. Visibly takes care of everything, from appointment scheduling to provider coordination. Schedule a demo today and see how live video visits can benefit your business!

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Verify Prescriptions Quickly and Easily

Verify your customers' contacts or glasses prescriptions so they can get their orders quickly. Leverage our advanced verification system to ensure regulatory compliance. Provide a seamless experience for everyone, allowing your team focus on customer satisfaction.

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Complex Challenges? Meet Simple Solutions.


Single Integration

Our modern, cutting edge GraphQL API allows you to easily integrate with Visibly one time to access our full suite of products.


Tailored Solutions

Branded test experiences, custom email communications, and workflows integrated into your processes. We build solutions to fit into your current offering.


Vision Pioneers

We pioneered the vision testing space and our VDAP product achieved FDA clearance in 2022. Everything we do is built with the clinician and patient experience in mind.

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Leverage our nationwide network of eye care providers who review and renew your customer’s vision prescriptions within 24 hours

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