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Rx Verification that works for you all dayall nightanytime!

Streamline your labor intensive prescription verification processes with Visibly Verification. Free up your team to focus on delighting customers.

Automate Rx Verification

Let our verification service free up your team to focus on customer acquisition and success

Enhance Compliance

We are experts when it comes to regulatory compliance. We keep you compliant with the Contact Lens Rule

Reduce Customer Friction

We provide multiple options for your customers to complete verification, boosting your conversion rate

Simple Integration

Our simple GraphQL APIs are quick and easy to integrate, and can be used with any existing website


Take the headache out of selling contacts

Regulatory compliance is time-consuming and confusing. Let us take care of the hard parts so that your staff can focus on delighting customers instead of hunting down fax numbers or reading prescriptions.

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Multiple verification options at checkout

Our verification tool gives customers multiple options to provide their prescriptions or doctor information. Whether they’re uploading a picture of their Rx, selecting a doctor from our curated Provider Finder, or entering their doctor information manually, your customers can complete checkout while you stay compliant.

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Complex Challenges? Meet Simple Solutions.


Comply with the CLR

We take care of regulatory compliance for you so you can focus on the fun parts of selling contact lenses.


Increase Order Accuracy

We catch customer mistakes so that you can delight them with every order.


Fast Turnaround

We use cutting edge software to quickly review prescriptions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Drive Efficiency

Free your team up to focus on higher value tasks while we take care of prescription verification.


Secure Data Handling

We ensure that every step of the verification process is safe and secure, leaving you with one less headache to worry about.


Easy Integration

Use our simple GraphQL API to quickly stand up your solution.


Prescriptions Verified


In Gross Merchandise Value enabled by automated verification

8+ years

Worth of ecommerce personnel-hours saved

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