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Expand your optical business to patients at Homeon Mobilein StoreEverywhere!

Companies use Visibly in-store and online to renew prescriptions, screen visual acuity and grow their businesses.

Re-Light a Dark Store

Dim or Dark store? Use our technology alleviate staffing issues.

Reach Patients Anywhere

Our vision tests allow doctors to extend their reach and meet patients where they’re most comfortable. You can leverage our doctors or we can work with yours to bring eye care to your patients.

Enable Sales

Patients need valid prescriptions from a licensed doctor to order prescription contacts. Our provider network can typically get them their prescription within 24 hours.

Service More Patients

Doctors are busy. Give them the tools they need to help them service more patients. We can help your busy store or dark store service more patients.


Offer Rx Renewal at Checkout

Enhance your ecommerce checkout flow with our online vision tests. This seamless integration allows customers to quickly assess their visual acuity and renew their prescription at the point of purchase. Reduce cart abandonment and returns associated with incorrect prescriptions by empowering informed decision-making. Offer a frictionless customer experience that prioritizes satisfaction and repeat business.

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Meet Patients Where They Are

Drive appointments with at home acuity

Drive qualified leads to your ecommerce sites, optical stores, or provider practices with our online vision test. With our platform, providers can assess your customer’s visual acuity from the comfort of home and further engage with them to drive more traffic. Your organization can benefit from targeted leads with a demonstrable need for new eyeware or eye exams, maximizing conversion rates and driving sales. Integrate our seamless vision test today and unlock a win-win for you and your customers.

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In Store

Power Dim or Dark Stores

Not enough doctors for your stores? Empower stores without on-site doctors to prescribe Rx’s with our online vision test. Our solution unlocks the potential for virtual asynchronous (or synchronous) consultations, allowing a single doctor to serve multiple locations efficiently. Increase sales by enabling customers to complete purchases that would otherwise be impossible due to a lack of physical doctor presence.

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Full Refraction

Need a prescription from scratch?

We’re working on that with our full refraction test using only a laptop or tablet. Coming soon...

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Complex Challenges? Meet Simple Solutions.


Your Doctors or Ours

Empower you doctors to provide the best service for every patient, whether at home or in store. Don’t have enough doctors? We can help!


Use In Store

Some customers want the satisfaction of going in store, but you may not have the people to meet them there. Our technology can help.


Branded Landing Page

Branded test experiences, custom emails communications, and workflows integrated into your processes. We build solutions to fit into your current offering.


Mobile and Desktop

Only have one device? No worries, our technology is enabled as a moble or a mobile + desktop experience. We can deliver both depending on what works best for you and your users.


Vision Pioneers

We pioneered the vision testing space and our VDAP product achieved FDA clearance in 2022. Everything we do is built with the clinician and patient experience in mind.


One Integration

Our modern, cutting edge GraphQL api allows you to easily integrate with Visibly one time to access  our full suite of products.


Fast Rx Turnaround

Leverage our nationwide network of eye care providers who review and renew your customer’s vision prescriptions typically within 24 hours.


No Install Needed

We’re a web based platform and everything is in the cloud. So you and your users dont need to download, install, setup, troubleshoot, try installing again... you get the point.


Online vision tests

Under 24 hr

Average turn around time


Industry partners leveraging our solution

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Leverage our nationwide network of eye care providers who review and renew your customer’s vision prescriptions within 24 hours

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