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Visibly Expanding Vision Care Services Through Lensabl Acquisition

May 23rd, 2024

Visibly, a leading healthcare technology company, announces the acquisition of Lensabl, the one-stop-shop for all things optical online. Lensabl’s expertise in optical e-commerce will help Visibly expand its platform to include new retail offerings. This acquisition supports Visibly and Lensabl’s joint mission to make vision care more accessible for all.

B2B White-Labeled Opportunity

While many know Lensabl for its’ direct-to-consumer offerings of lens replacement, prescription glasses, and contacts, a blossoming B2B business has emerged as well. Lensabl’s proprietary technology helps brands and partners enable e-commerce through white-labeled experiences. The Lensabl acquisition will allow Visibly’s customers access to these additional retail resources to reach another segment of the market.

“At Lensabl, we believe in leveraging technology to make access to vision care easier and more affordable,” said Andy Bilinsky, CEO of Lensabl. “Having worked with Visibly for years, we believe by joining forces, our complimentary offerings can help their existing customers provide a more comprehensive range of vision services to the end-consumer.”

Lensabl & Visibly’s Combined Vision Care Services

In addition to Lensabl’s online store, Lensabl also brings its “Shop-in-Shop” platform (enabling eyewear brands to sell prescription glasses online) and its’ Lensabl+ vision plan platform (modernized vision plans as an alternative to traditional vision insurance) to Visibly. Adding Lensabl’s retail capabilities to Visibly’s telehealth services provides a comprehensive offering that will ensure quality vision care is accessible and affordable for all.

“We are excited about the opportunity to integrate Lensabl’s cutting-edge technology into the Visibly platform as part of our commitment to enhancing access to care through innovative digital solutions,” added Brent Rasmussen, Visibly’s CEO.

About Lensabl

Lensabl is a tech-enabled vision care platform driving the digital transformation of the optical industry. Launched in 2017 with a focus on revolutionizing lens replacement and glasses services for consumers, Lensabl has continually expanded its portfolio to offer a diverse range of top-tier vision products and services to other businesses, all aimed at creating a more convenient digital vision care experience.

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