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Visibly Launches a Simplified Contact Lens Prescription Verification Solution

June 5th, 2024

Visibly, a leader in innovative solutions for the eye care industry, is excited to launch Visibly Verification, their newest platform feature that simplifies the process of contact lens prescription verification while automating the FCLCA compliance process. Visibly Verification expands its existing product portfolio, which includes the first FDA-cleared visual acuity test, real-time ECP video consultations, and remote vision consultations.

Challenging Contact Lens Regulations

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations surrounding contact lens sales can often prove challenging for both sellers and consumers alike. Contact lenses are classified as a medical device in the United States and can only be purchased with a valid prescription from a qualified eye care professional. While federal law allows contact lens retailers to request prescription verification directly from a prescriber, the intricacies and strict guidelines governing this process can present significant hurdles.

“With the development and launch of this compliant prescription verification feature, our platform will help eye care providers, national retailers, and other contact lens retailers eliminate the complexities and compliance concerns associated with prescription verification,” said Paul Foley, Visibly’s COO. “Our mission to expand vision care access nationwide starts with compliant and convenient access to a patient’s prescription.”

Key features of Visibly Verification include:

Visibly is proud to continue making strides in revolutionizing access to vision care services online. This launch is made possible through the recent acquisition of technology and key team members from Lensio, a move that strengthens Visibly’s position as a leader in software solutions for the eye care industry.

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